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Private Practice

I work as a private practitioner in a multidisciplinary practice in Kenilworth, Cape Town . The space is private and confidential. I provide all the instruments and materials required for sessions. Sessions generally last for 30 minutes to an hour.

Online sessions

I also offer online sessions where appropriate and possible. These sessions will focus more on verbal processing and creative processes, using music listening, writing and art. The focus of these sessions may be focused on emotional processing, overcoming challenges, personal development, stress relief and relaxation.


Guided Imagery and Music

GIM is a specialised therapeutic technique that utilises carefully selected classical music to facilitate deep exploration, personal growth and healing. By guiding clients through a relaxed state of mind, I help them access their inner landscapes and tap into their subconscious. Together we embark on a journey of exploration, using the music as a catalyst for self-reflection, insight and personal transformation. Guided by the clients unique experiences and responses, I provide gentle guidance and support, allowing them to uncover meaningful insights and foster emotional well-being.

GIM is suitable for adults and adolescents who are capable of symbolic/abstract thinking. It can help with the following:
· Working through difficult emotions (anxiety, grief, loss, anger, etc.)
· Mind-body connections (Burnout, tension, pain, fatigue)
· Relational difficulties(with self/partner/children/friends/colleagues etc.)
· Life decisions and transitions
· Creative exploration and development
· Personal growth and transformation

It does this in a variety of ways: 
· Facilitates insight
· Strengthens, supports, nurtures
· Acts as a catalyst for the release of intense emotions
· Develops inner-resources
· Allows unresolved issues to surface
· Provides access and understanding to parts of self
· Activates personal growth
· Enables integration

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